In early 2021, storyteller Gerald DuBose had a vision to create a unique environment of collaborative creators to help people tell their stories through art and prose. He reached out to artist Bobby Lexx, and the vision began to take form.. With a focus on YOU – the readers, the artists, the writers – Younaverse Comics was born.


Younaverse Comics creates new unique worlds driven by rich narratives with compelling characters. We don’t produce run of the mill comics here. We create Storied Premium Art. This is about providing our readers with a fully immersive premium experience.  

  • The finest  quality paper on which our books are printed 

  • High end Premium quality printing

  • Exquisite art 

  • Top notch storytelling


Amassing a growing team of artists, writers and creatives, the flagship title “Ynegma” launched on October 22, 2021 with a special Preview Edition. Exclusively available at several East Coast comic con appearances and in our online store, the preview issue sold out in no time! Episode One “Pain is in the Process” officially launched in late July` of 2022, and the momentum continues to grow.


Younaverse Comics is a limited print, one run company. Through August '22, exclusive availability at con appearances and our online store drove demand through the roof! Retail partners began taking notice and coming on board in September ‘22.  


Comic art and story aficionados love our comics for the unmatched immersive experience. And collectors vie for copies knowing that an issue in their hand makes them a part of a small and exclusive group who own something unique, extraordinary and rare.


We look forward to growing our community and our endeavors. We will bring more artists, more stories, more ideas, and more issues with the same focus on the highest values.  There will always be one crucially important focus on top of them all – YOU the Younaverse Fam.